Safety Policies

Earthform Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

In undertaking any project, Earthform aims to minimise the negative impact to the environment. As well as the company adopting an environmentally focused approach to our work through our CCF-IMS certified EMS that meets ISO 14001:2008 standard, each site is assessed for specific environmental risks. An environmental plan is then developed which addresses these risks and control measures are put in place to minimise the impact to the environment. Attached in the appendix is our current Environmental Policy.

Earthform OHS Policy

OHS Policy

Safety is paramount within Earthform. We have an OH&S plan built into our IMS that has been certified as meeting the AS4801:2001 standard. All of our personnel are required to contribute to the implementation and development of this plan. We require that all of our projects are undertaken with safety as the main focus. Whilst the company has adopted a company-wide OH&S plan, a site specific plan is developed through the undertaking of individual JSAs (Job Site Analysis). These are developed with input from operators and workers to ensure that all safety issues are identified. Control measures through SWMS (Safe Work Method Statements) are then put in place and reviewed throughout the project. Earthform maintains a “zero tolerance” approach to breaches in OH&S. Attached in the appendix is our current OH&S Policy.

Earthform Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Earthform has an integrated management system (IMS) that has been audited for certification as meeting CCF-IMS requirements and ISO 9001: 2008. Our system has been tailored to meet the requirements of  the civil construction industry so that each process, procedure and record is relevant to the work that is undertaken. As well as having a company-wide IMS in place we also develop project and site specific plans to incorporate the needs of each individual worksite. Attached in the appendix is our current Quality Assurance Policy.